Thursday, June 4, 2009

That Is When I Know I Am Loved The Most

i miss waking up to you

waking up next to you
hair tangled, stinky breath...
i nuzzle in your nook...
that is when i know i am loved the most.

{le love}
many thanks to photographer sarah rhoads for this beautiful submission ♥

"Is it the bag who knew too much? Marion Cottilard has reunited with her “La Vie en Rose” director Olivier Dahan for a Hitchcock-inspired short film, in which the star of the show is that lambskin ingĂ©nue known as the Lady Dior handbag.

Lady Noire,” the first of four installments to be released over the next two years to coincide with Dior collections, features a villainous millionaire, our heroine teetering on a cross-beam of the Eiffel tower, and well-dressed thugs in Dior Homme. Who will save her?

Don’t expect to find out this season, since the story is somewhat opaque, although clues are provided — where else? — on the handbag’s Twitter page. Lovers of fashionable suspense will thrill to the scene where Cotillard slowly unpacks from her bag a glittering array of accessories, each with signature cannage cross-hatching, including an especially fancy Dior Mobile phone that resembles an Art Deco cigarette case. (Naomi Campbell would kill for — and with — one.)

Cotillard will play a different character in a different city with each episode, the second of which is titled “Lady Rouge.” Details of the story are as secret as next year’s silhouette, but we’re hoping for plot-twists worthy of any big screen franchise. Maybe John Galliano will take off his bandanna and reveal that he’s Marion’s father?" {NYC Times}